A self-guided tour of Low Impact Developments in Clark County, WA

Village on the Glen


21 Hockinson Meadows Community Park, 10910 NE 172 Ave. – This 240-acre park includes soccer and baseball fields, trails, restrooms, an off-leash dog area, parking and a playground. The site design considered numerous mature tree stands and wetland areas, creating an integrated public use and stormwater function that meets several goals. The project also created new wetlands and habitat features using native plants, rain gardens and bioswales.

16 Cold Creek Industrial Complex, NE 47th Ave. and 68th Dr. – This 40.35-acre industrial park, built in 2007, uses road improvements and stormwater features to create aesthetically pleasing amenities in the center of the development. One-way access roads allow for bioretention areas with native plantings, trails and seating. Individual development sites incorporate stormwater-quality treatment while the quantity and flow are controlled in the main central basin prior to discharge to Cold Creek. The main basin is designed to treat 70 percent of a two-year, 24-hour storm.


About LIDs

Planning and design for LID requires a thorough review of the site conditions to ensure the most appropriate approach. Work must include a comprehensive inventory of all features, assessment of existing conditions and development of design goals and potential hydrologic function criteria. Review should cover all natural features, including plantings, surface water features, erosion areas, groundwater data, wetlands, soil types and topography. The designer should map pre-development hydrologic patterns, including sources from off-site parcels, and put them in context with regional watershed information. The resulting design will complement and enhance existing natural features while meeting development goals.


Village on the Glen

Village on the Glen 1

NE 72nd Ave. at 108th St.

Examples of: site planning and design, rain gardens, native plantings

Village on the Glen is a 38-acre, four-phase, residential development with single-family and multifamily housing. A 7.2-acre nature preserve is a combination of man-made wetlands, grasslands and seasonal shallow pools. The preserve provides crucial habitat for wildlife species and a natural area for residents to enjoy. A nature trail surrounds the preserve.

Rain gardens – North Glen Villas Phase I is a multifamily project where two swales were added to the existing wetland basin. Stormwater flows to nine privately maintained rain gardens, improving the hydrologic cycle and providing a more aesthetically pleasing site. Most features are secured by a fence. North Glen Villas Phase II outfalls to another swale, while the east third of the project drains to a privately maintained rain garden that can overflow into the county storm network along Northeast 109th Street.

Native plantings – Native plantings in wetland basins, pools and rain gardens add beauty to the community and wildlife habitat for birds, waterfowl, insects and small mammals.

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