A self-guided tour of Low Impact Developments in Clark County, WA

New Seasons Market


24 Natural Gardens at Pacific Community Park, NE 18th St. & NE 172nd Ave., Vancouver – Native plant demonstration gardens have signs under a 16-square-foot planted roof. A demonstration bed has a dog house with an eight-square-foot planted roof. Pervious concrete and permeable pavers are also used.

Pacific Community Park natural gardens

30 Vancouver City Hall
, 415 W 6th St. – The building is LEED Gold-certified, and includes a 4,350-square-foot roof garden with native plants, including flowering species that add color and texture to the space. This garden is not open to the public.

20 Vancouver Community Library
, 901 C St. – The building is LEED Gold-certified and includes a rooftop patio with approximately 800 square feet of garden on the fifth floor. Maintenance and drop-off areas are permeable pavers.

Vancouver Community Library


Vegetated roof / green wall

Vegetated roofs are layers of engineered soil and vegetation on a flat or gently sloping roof. The design of a green roof depends on the structure, desired function and other LID treatments to manage stormwater. Some roof designs aim for a low-growing, sedum-dominant system that captures and filters stormwater. Other designs integrate user areas for greater diversity of plants, including trees for shading and climbing vines to intercept rain. These systems need to be coordinated among the architect, engineer and landscape architect.


New Seasons Market 5

2100 SE 164 Ave., Vancouver

Examples of: vegetated roof and rain gardens

The store was built in 2011.

Vegetated roof – About 1,150 square feet of the entryway roof includes a planted landscape that incorporates artwork. The art is recycled silverware in the shape of fish swimming upstream to the roof downspout.

Rain gardens – The three-acre parking lot drains to four rain gardens covering approximately 6,000 square feet. The gardens contain native plants suitable to water inundation. Curb cuts allow water to drain into the gardens at various intervals and it then drains to a small pond with an overflow inlet. The planters include pedestrian access for ease of movement.