Stormwater management - Southwest Washington

Catch basin storm drain

Catch basins: storm drain (above) and a curb inlet (below).

Curb inlet




Catch basin

A catch basin is an underground concrete structure typically fitted with a slotted grate but may have a solid lid. It collects stormwater runoff and routes it through underground pipes, allowing sediment and debris to settle. It also can be used as a junction in a pipe system to allow access.

Also known as a storm drain or curb inlet, it can be a round structure (older) or a rectangular box (newer). It is used when connected pipes are less than 18 inches in diameter. The depth from the grate to the bottom of the pipe is usually less than 5 feet.

Catch basins are built into almost all stormwater systems.

Signs that maintenance is needed and a checklist for maintaining the facility including how to fix problems.