Stormwater management - Southwest Washington

Detention pond

Sedimentation problem in a detention pond.




Maintenance checklists

Below is a comprehensive set of checklists for maintaining stormwater facilities and structures (PDF files). This website explains facilities most commonly found in Clark County, but you may encounter some less frequently used. You should be able to find them here. An explanation of all the facilities can be found in your jurisdiction's stormwater manual. Please call the agency for your area if you have questions.

Access road and easement
Biofiltration swale
Biofiltration swale - wet
Catch basin
Catch basin insert
Conveyance ditch
Conveyance storm pipe
Debris barrier
Detention pond
Energy dissipater
Facility discharge point
Fence, gate and sign
Field inlet
Filter strip
Flow control structure/flow restrictor
Infiltration basin
Infiltration trench
Media filter drain (ecology embankment)
Oil water separator
Sand filter
Sediment trap
Treatment wetland
Vault - closed detention system
Vault - detention tanks and vaults
Vault - vortex sedimentation
Vault - stormwater filter