Stormwater management - Southwest Washington

Inspection of faciitity

Stormwater facility inspection.




Maintaining private stormwater facilities

The best way to limit big repairs and ensure that your facilities are working properly is to follow a regular inspection and develop a maintenance plan. For small, simple facilities, such as biofiltration swales, much of the maintenance can be done by neighbors or landscaping firms. More complex facilities require professional maintenance and repair.

You should have a current maintenance plan for your neighborhood's stormwater facilities. A plan might be outlined in your HOA's records or your CC&Rs. If neither is available, a maintenance plan must be formulated. It should include:

Managing your stormwater system requires a combination of simple routine maintenance, such as raking leaves and mowing and removing grass debris. A significant amount of the work can be done by neighbors or those who do your regular grounds keeping. 

Occasionally, a contractor may need to be brought in. For example, for working in an underground vault or using a vacuum truck to clean a catch basin, you should consult a professional with the tools and training to complete the job safely and correctly. You should be sure that you, your HOA and anyone hired are properly insured.

This maintenance section has information about how to maintain stormwater facilities and how to recognize and fix problems.